Heroes Square

 Heroes Square, located in the Pest region, reflecting the lively and energetic face of Budapest, is extremely close to many touristic areas. You can reach the square at the end of a pleasant stroll on the road along Andrássy Boulevard to the Danube River. In addition, many public transport vehicles stop at the square. Heroes Square is equipped with statues and monuments. The 36-meter-high Millennium Monument, the construction of which began in 1894 by Albert Schickedanz, is the most striking. The construction of the monument ended in 1929. There are sculptures symbolizing values such as “Knowledge-Victory”, “Peace-War”, “Work-Prosperity” in the lower column section of this monument, on the top of which there is a statue of the archangel Gabriel. On the pedestal at the bottom of the monument, the horse-mounted statues of the 7 tribal leaders who founded Hungary attract the intense attention of the visitors. You can also see the statues of other statesmen who have an important place in